Visions of Kihnu


Original title: Pilte Kihnust
Director: Madis Ligema
DOP: Aleksandr Heifets / Taiga Film
Production: Aleksandr Heifets / Madis Ligema
Music by Uku Kuut

“Life is not a flower”, local proverb. Behind the scenes of country life on the unique Island of Kihnu.


Visions of Kihnu is a boldly made film, with style and a sense of humour, about a strong and independent country woman who speaks her mind. This is a story about the Estonian mainland connection to the island folk of Kihnu, as well as the relationship of the filmmaker to his subject and this feisty woman. The filmmakers portray country life as all the people are moving to the city and the island’s culture is slowly fading.


EstDocs (the Estonian Documentary Film Festival in Toronto) 2nd prize

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