Instructions On How To Build A Spaceship


Original title: “Kuidas ehitada kosmoselaeva?”
Directed by Madis Ligema
Screenplay by Jaak Kilmi
Producer: Kaspar Kaljas
Camera: Mihkel Soe, Mart Ratassepp, Madis Ligema, Viljo Allik, Erik Kulu, Joosep Matjus
Sound operator: Marko Sein, Ekke Västrik, Antti Mäss, Olger Bernadt, Taito Uuslail
Editor: Marta Pulk
Sound engineer: Mario Narbekov – Redeye Studio
Composer & designer: Janek Murd
Produced by Kopli Kinokompanii

A film about a bunch of braniacs, who having seen too many sci-fi movies start building the first Estonian student satellite ESTCube-1 to send it to outer space. They are comforted by the fact that in space technology nothing is certain and they are most likely to fail. Nothing to lose!

This is playfully composed documentary film about building, launching and life after the success of ESTCube-1. Mart Noorma PhD, one of the main characters of the film, is the initiator of and the engine behind the project, or the supervisor, officially speaking. The satellite was primarily built by students, namely around 90 of them, who have been associated with the project over the years. Estcube was launched in the spring of 2013, amidst of loud media buzz; however, the process is far from finished. In fact, there’s also a bigger scientific goal for the ESTCube-1 satellite –the first space test of an electric solar wind sail. There’s a plan to deploy a 10-metre long hi-tech wired structure, Heytether, out of the satellite in the summer of 2014, during the flight of the student satellite. If successful, it would be the first step for future space travel. But as we know in space technology nothing is certain and failure is just around the corner.


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