Sculpture Viewpoint


Object: sculpture,  steel tubes, acrylic rods, metal & MDF base.

Client: Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Location: Islandi väljak 1, 10114 Tallinn, Estonia.
Team: Mihkel Masso, Kristjan Feodorov

Sculpture creates optical illusions as the visitor passes it by, reminding how objectiveness can be created by taking different viewpoints – and that all might be just an illusion.

The sculpture is about different views on the world, and the world changing in time and movement.

Viewpoint 4 1920x1366pix (200dpi)

Viewpoint 8 1366x1920pix (200dpi)
Viewpoint 5 1366x1920pix (200dpi)
Viewpoint 7 1920x1200pix (200dpi) Viewpoint 1 1920x1366pix (200dpi)