Object: Restaurant-club HETK

Design: Mihkel Masso, Johan Tali, HETK Team
Client: Restaurant-club HETK

Every moment is special, carpe diem!


MM Hetk 1 (w Johan Tali, HETK team)

Restaurant Hetk was designed to offer custom solutions for different moments. Every piece of furniture can be repositioned, couches roll around on wheels, part of the restaurant can be turned into a club by lifting the lamps under the ceiling, and there are different areas for different ways of communicating – it is a mixture of laid-back couches, a cafe area and lounge.

Most of the furniture is custom made – the long red table for bigger groups, the fireplace, and lamps made of PVC reminding one of paper planes stopped in midair.

MM Hetk 2 MM Hetk 3